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Wensey McComb

Owner - I Teach Love of the Game

     I wanted to open a facility that allowed kids to come to a fun and friendly environment where they could develop athletic ability at their pace and skill level.  Tennis Star Academy is that place.  The facility and staff have mastered engaging each youth to play at their highest ability while learning teamwork, confidence, sportsmanship, communication and leadership

Coach Ish


Coach Ishmael Gibson, but better known as Ish. I've been playing tennis for 17 years and coaching for 6 years. I grew up playing in Las Vegas Nevada. I attended CSN for 6 months ,and now i'm currently training to be on tour. I love coaching and helping other players get better succeed and reach their goals.

Coach Sabrina

Coach Sabrina, but better known as coach bananas because I tend to get a little bit crazy with the kids. Im 18 years old with 12 years of experience in tennis as well as currently pursuing a career in professional tennis. I love tennis and have a variety of assets that I bring with sass!

Coach CAM

Coach SOL

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