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Birthday Party

How do you know you are going to have a great birthday party at the place you choose? Well ask yourself... does this place care enough about my child to ensure that they are entertained enough to remember their birthday? If the answer is no then you are just going to get a regular old run of the mill birthday party and you might as well go to chuck e cheese. Im going to write a book entitled The Art of Hosting a Children's Birthday Party or How to Host a Children's Birthday Party. It will warn all those that embark upon this activity that they are the "Keepers of Good Times", "The Masters of Memories", The Ambassadors of Remembrance", "The Protectors of Thoughts", and "The Defenders of Flashbacks". The amount of activity that occurs in a 2 hour period requires most people to drink either a triple shot espresso or a red bull. The amount of care for 25-30 kids in attendance with different personalities that all need to have special attention while you make the Birthday Girl/Boy know this is their special day is unknown in this field (Birthday Party Arena). Add the attention span of about 30 seconds to 2 minutes (my estimate of course) and it takes real talent to pull of something so spectacular. Bottom line is that it takes care and attention with a well trained staff. HUNT this down. Your child deserves the best on their special day.

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